Portfolio Survey

Nolan Grace

1)      What was your favorite project?  Explain why.

– My favorite project was Project 1. It was my favorite because it was a narrative about my life and education. I was able to write about my own experiences that led me to the world of education. It was nice to look back on my own life and see what has influenced me and I liked the fact that there was no research involved. It was just you writing about yourself.

2)      What was your least favorite project?  Explain why.

-My least favorite project was the second part of Project 4. I did not mind reading and analyzing Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and teaching it to the class. It was the second portion that was not my favorite. I think if we would have picked a project other than Access Issues it would’ve been better, but we just had a really hard time finding research and information relevant to our topic. The idea of having it as a group project and teaching to our classmates was something I did enjoy though.

3)      Do you have any suggestions regarding peer response?  Would you change anything about peer response?

-I would make sure the students were doing the peer responses. I liked the whole idea and set up of the peer responses, but it seemed like as the semester went on students started slacking and not responding to the blogs. Next semester I would put more pressure on the students to do the peer responses.

4)      Do you feel like you were given too much time to work on projects?  Too little time? Explain your answer.

-I feel that we were given an adequate amount of time to work on projects. It was not too little time, if anything it was too much time, but no student is going to complain about having too much time for a project. I do think that there was plenty of time to get all the required work done by the due date. If you needed to shorten the due dates for some reason, you could do so without many issues. I personally had more than enough time to do the project and revise it myself, without worrying about deadlines.

5)      What are your thoughts about breaking each project up into multiple drafts or phases?  Did it help to have drafts or would you just have preferred to turn in one draft – the final-for-now?

-I prefer breaking each project down into multiple drafts. It may seem like more work at the time, but in the long run it can only make your project better in turn making your grade better. It got a little monotonous at times, just peer revising and editing your projects. It also seemed like more work, just when you thought you were done with your project, you had to edit it and change it, if you choose to do so. I personally think that it made each of my projects that much better by getting advice and revising everything.

6)      What are your thoughts about the pacing of the semester?  Were there any projects that felt too short?  Too long?

– I felt the pacing was appropriate. In the start, we had to write two papers about ourselves and our own lives not requiring any research and being shorter projects so the deadlines were shorter. In the end of the semester, we had two longer group projects that required more work so we had much more time to work on them. Project 4 seemed to drag on a bit, by the time we actually got to the presenting of our topic.

7)      Do you think you were given enough time to work on your final portfolio? Explain.

-YES. At first it seemed like a lot of work, and very overwhelming but we were given enough time. We had the week before Thanksgiving, the week of break, and then the week after break. Most of the work is already completed, we just have to revise everything, and write the meta-analysis. I have been putting the portfolio off, slacking pretty bad, and I still feel that I have enough time to complete it.

8)      Do you feel like I provided too many comments on drafts or not enough comments?   Were my comments helpful? Why or why not?

– I think you provided enough comments on the drafts, and instructor comments. I also feel that they were very helpful. What you would say would made me look at my project from a different angle, sometimes making me revise and edit my projects. The only thing was when given the projects; I didn’t feel as though I had enough guidance. Everything was up in the air or open to do what we as students wanted, and I know that is so our work was our own and we weren’t restricted by too many guidelines, but it would make it difficult to figure out what way I wanted to go with the project.

9)      What about the course would you change?  Do you have any suggestions for change as I revise the course to teach it again?

-I like the peer response circle we would do on Thursdays, I just think you should somehow make that be work a percentage of the grade, or reinforce the importance of commenting for next semester. I also liked that the last two projects were group projects.

10)    Do you feel like this class helped you to be better able to read and compose texts, both in college and in the real world? Explain your answer.

-I believe this class enabled me to better critically analyze texts, both while reading and writing them. Before this class I had never had to critically look at a piece of text like I had to this past semester. I think it really did help me, both as a student who will be writing future papers, and as a teacher who will be grading future papers.

11)   Please offer some advice or helpful hints for students taking this course in the future.

 -Advice from me in this class would be pretty straightforward. I would just say to do all the projects and in a timely fashion. The earlier you get it done, the more time you have to improve and revise it. I would also recommend staying up to date with your blog posts. Do one for each class period after or during class. Do not slack on them and let them build up or you will have a hell of a time catching up. I would also recommend that you peer response to your classmate’s blog because when it comes time for your workshop, you will want comments and responses.

I often use writing samples from past students as models in my classroom.  Please check one of the boxes and type in your name and today’s date below:

__X__ I give you permission to use writing samples from my English 101 portfolio

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Print Name:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Nolan Grace                                                                                                                  Date: 11/26/09

Signature:    Nolan Grace

Project 4 Response

Project 4 was a bit rough for my group at first. The topic we chose was Access Issues in the school system. We originally thought we would be able to find a lot of research on this topic but it did not really work out that way. Most of the data on the internet was from many years ago, or not relevant to what we were looking for. We tried to e-mail schools to get direct feedback but only 2 out of 12 schools responded to our survey. We also surveyed our classroom to get a little bit of feedback about what students thought of technology in schools, and we did manage to find some stats, research, and video clips online. I think our project came together pretty nicely for how unorganized we were to begin with.

I relate this project to project 3 since we once again worked in groups and the same groups as last project. I was a little bit more confident going into this project as I had already worked with my group members previously and knew everyone pulled their own weight. For this project we were first expected to read our own segment of Pedagogy of the Oppressed and teach a 10 minute lesson to the class, and then we were supposed to do research on our topic and also give a 10 minute teaching lesson to the class. I feel that this is a pretty effective way to do projects. It lets you work both individually as well as in a group, and you are learning from your peers, who essentially became “experts” on their topic. I feel that this is an engaging way to learn and have no objections to the way the project was laid out. The amount of information that we had to look up and method of presenting would have been overwhelming for just 1 person to tackle themselves.

English Portfolio Written Plan

  • Today, Sunday the 15th I will write my written plan.
  • Starting tomorrow, Monday the 16th I will begin my synthesis revision which will incorporate my first two papers into one single paper connecting the two topics. I hope to have this completed by Thursday the 19th.
  • I will then head for home on Friday the 20th through Sunday the 29th.  During this time I will complete the Remix portion of the portfolio and have started on the Meta-Analysis section.
  • Tuesday the 1st, I will complete the grade memo paper evaluating myself in this course.
  • Wednesday the 2nd I will complete the survey and either e-mail or blog it to you.
  • Thursday the 3rd I will complete the portfolio sheet that is in the back of our red book and turn that in to you.
  • I will do my best to stick to this plan giving me an extra 3 days for wiggle room in case something goes askew or further revision is needed. I do plan to come to class even on the days that we don’t have to as I feel I will get more work done and be able to ask my questions face to face.

Am I missing anything? Does this seem like a feasible plan?

Final Portfolio Requirements

  1. Written Plan
  2. Synthesis Revision of P1 + P2 (Combining)
  3. Remix
    1. Major Projects=Synthesis + P3 + P4 and Minor Texts
    2. Revised
    3. Best Pieces of Work
    4. Arrangement
  4. Forum?
    1. Electronic
  5. Meta- Analysis – maybe use some project analysis from blog
    1. Intro
    2. Course analysis
    3. Narrative
    4. Use questions
  6. Supporting Material
    1. STV 250
    2. Blog(course)
    3. Draw attention to peer review or etc
  7. Grade Memo
    1. 1 Page Single Spaced
    2. Grade argument based on work/portfolio
    3. Printed and give to Prof. Halle directly
  8. Survey
    1. E-mail or blog it
  9. Portfolio Sheet from back of book filled out

Due Date: December 6th by Midnight!!!!!!!!

That Time Of The Year.

I believe this will be the first post I’ve ever just posted about nothing important; just what I feel is going on instead of something relating to the class. Basically it’s the beginning of November and there’s a lot going on. It’s that time of the semester where students seemed to get burnt out and stressed out. Whether it’s for the 3 tests next week, the 2 group projects you have to work on, or the 30 pages you have to read there is always something to be done. The weather is slowly starting to get colder and colder, and the days are getting shorter and shorter. I hate when it gets dark around 4 or 5, I want the looooong summer nights where it’s light until 9, and 80 degrees. This is also a popular sickness time. Flu, Sinus Infections, and Viruses are all over campus. It seems like right when you get over one thing you’ve caught the next. Oh well, my parents are coming into town this weekend for parents weekend so i’ll get a good meal for free and get to see them.


Second P3 Post/Review

Would you ever consider doing a read-group-share assignment like this one in your classes? Compare and contrast collaborative reading with your experience of reading texts independently.

Yes! I would definitely consider doing a read-group-share assignment like this when I am in charge of a classroom.

At first I was a little unsure about it just because I wasn’t familiar with everyone in the class so I was concerned about how the groups would work out, and also the fact of social loafing when certain members of the group don’t pull their own weight because there is less accountability.

After getting with my group though and meeting everyone and working together I was happy about the group project. Everyone showed up to our meeting place ready to work. We all read and compared our part of the book and came together with a pretty decent lesson plan to present to the class. We practiced it a couple of times to make sure we were in the right time area.

I came along way from my lack of confidence going into this project to our final result of the presentation. I really believe that without this project The Pedagogy of the Oppressed would still be a slur of words that I had read but meant nothing to me. Our group along with everyone else’s did a great job of breaking down their topic into actual understandable terms and presenting it. I am thankful for the group project and was happy to see that project 4 was also a collaborative group project, and I am not usually a big fan of group projects.


Workshop Day

Alright, So Jason and I are in the same group and are both being work shopped on the same day and basically we would be presenting the same information to you twice. So what we decided to do is put the information/research on Jason’s blog to get feedback from all of you, and then we are going to pass out a little survey for everyone to fill out in class. This way you don’t have to see the same information twice, and we can get you all involved in our project. Below is just a little plan of action that we’ve made more specific from our original. It’s not that important but it’s just an idea of what we’re doing.

Our topic is access issues and how technology can affect the classroom experience.

  • Information and Statistics

                                Computers per student /teacher

                                Internet access

                                Computer Access


  • How technology is used

                                Research Purposes

                                Changing Course Content


  • School Feedback

We plan to email/call high schools across the state to get their statistics, as well as their opinion on their technology use in the classroom.

  • Student Feedback

A survey is to be passed out to the class in order to get a better outlook on technology in each student’s specific high school, as well as the student’s opinion.